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Choose your BookCrossing Journey for Saturday!

Registered attendees can now fill out a short poll to let us know what you might be interested in doing on the Saturday of the 2011 BookCrossing Convention.

Choosing activities here does not bind you those activities and there is no need to register for any of them (apart from the Library of Congress & US Capitol Building tours already in the add-ons form many of you have filled out). You can change your mind on the day itself or even start one activity and move on to another halfway through. We will not be saving the results by screen name, so please do not expect us to know your choices here on the day of the convention. We simply need a general idea of interest in each activity.

Visit: to let us know your choices!

Reverse Scavenger Hunt

The idea behind a reverse scavenger hunt is to leave a book at each of the locations on the list during the convention. In honor of it being the 10th anniversary of BookCrossing, there are 10 items on the Reverse Scavenger Hunt this year for the 2011 BookCrossing Convention in Washington, D.C:

  1. Somewhere “American”
  2. In front of a museum
  3. By cherry blossoms
  4. On a statue
  5. Somewhere funny OR a funny release
  6. Somewhere yellow
  7. In a tree/bush
  8. Within sight of a monument
  9. At an OBCZ other than the Sheraton*
  10. Somewhere that has to do with “ten” or “celebration” or “birthday”

*This one might be changed in the final version, depending upon how many OBCZs we are able to set up in the area.


The form is available here in pdf if you would like to download or print it in advance:

You can find info about the reverse scavenger hunt on its own page under the Convention->Schedule section of this website.

How to Get There

Wondering how to get to the main convention venue for the 2011 BookCrossing Convention? Check out our brand new page for an area map and directions:

Need more information? Let us know and we’ll provide it there.

Registration Annoucement & New Special Deal

Regular registration for the 2011 BookCrossing Convention in Washington, D.C. is now open! If you didn’t register as an early bird, don’t worry; you still have until March 15 to register at the price of $175 (but after that, the price will rise again). There are still a few spots left before we hit 100 registered attendees, and these attendees get a limited edition Bally 10th Birthday label, so act now!


There’s also a brand new Special Deal available through January 31. If you want your own convention t-shirt to wear at the convention or to commemorate the 10th birthday convention, this is the time to buy it because you’ll be entered into a drawing for a free convention sweatshirt. Please note: everyone who has already purchased a shirt is automatically eligible for this promotion. Why should you buy a convention t-shirt? This comic should answer your question.

Convention Raffle

There will be a raffle at the 2011 BookCrossing Convention. Your Raffle & Prize Tickets can be redeemed instantly for little prizes or placed into the raffle to win specific items. Some of these items are now featured on a brand new page of our website: Raffle.