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T-shirts, Magic Catch Dust, and Thank Yous– oh my!

There are some t-shirts leftover after the convention that need good homes. Supplies, sizes, and colors are limited so it’s first-come, first-served. Check out the Convention Merchandise section of the How to Help page for a list of the shirts and sweatshirts available and how to order one (or more). If you already paid for a shirt but yours was one of the few in the original order that was missing, we’ll be contacting you (if we haven’t already) about sending you your shirt. The shirts only just arrived.

It’s been exactly one month since we last updated the convention fundraising meter and can officially report that, with your generous assistance, we made it to 84.4% by the end of the convention. We want to extend our gratitude to all of our amazingly generous Convention Sponsors who helped us out of serious debt. Thank you to everyone who registered for the convention, purchased extra Bally Bucks or apparel, participated in the hair dyeing fundraiser, or donated any amount. If you’d still like to donate, you’ll still get listed on our Thank You page. All money raised from this point forward will go toward the difference the fundraisers had to pay out of their pockets to the hotel.

If you’d like to get a little something back for your donation, you can donate using a special button and get a small bottle of magic catch dust (great for summer/winter gift-giving and it can even be personalized). Full details are on the How to Help page.

Convention Snarf Checklist

For those Markeroons who joined us on snarfari in downtown Washington and Alexandria, you might be having trouble remembering what all those buildings you visited were. If you would like a full list, please click here. If you have any difficulty downloading the PDF file, please email or PM us. Thanks!

I was there!

If you attended the convention, you might like to use some of the following graphics on your blogs, bookshelves, or profile pages:

2011 BookCrossing Convention Bonus Features – now on sale!

Bring home part of the convention with this exclusive DVD! Included:

Professionally edited by Eleanore Stasheff and featuring music by Binary Souls / Other Dimensions, this is one DVD you don’t want to miss!

Price Guide:

  • In person/at the convention: $2 cash or check
  • PayPal (USA; shipping included): $5
  • PayPal (int’l; shipping included): $8

The small print: PayPal prices include shipping. DVDs are only available in Region 1 format.  All orders placed before the convention will be shipped on Tuesday, April 19, 2011.  You do NOT have to be a BookCrosser to purchase (or enjoy) this DVD.



Please note: We are NOT making any money on this. Purchasing this DVD will not affect the fund meter on the convention website. If by some miracle we manage to cover our production costs, any profit will be given to those who so generously donated their time and resources. We are offering this one-of-a-kind feature because we love it and want to share it. We hope you love it too.

Last call for pre-convention fundraising

The April 7 deadline for choosing hair colors has passed, but melydia is still hoping she’ll join us with colored hair for the convention. We’re making an exception to the rule and if we get to 80% by Wednesday, April 13, melydia will dye her hair the winning color (Let’s go Pink!)

The current total is almost 79%. So please donate today so melydia won’t feel left out and so the convention planning team won’t be stuck with a huge bill from the hotel.