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Convention registration price increases on Jan 1!

The Early Bird Rate expires as the clock ticks over into the new year! We are on Eastern Standard Time here in D.C. and so that is when the change will become effective.

If you would like to qualify for the lower $150 rate you must do 2 things:

One: your registration form must be filled out and submitted BEFORE the clock strikes midnight on December 31, 2010 EST. (That’s when the ball falls in Times Square.)

Two: you must submit payment within 3 business days. That means that your PayPal transaction must be submitted or your check postmarked by Wednesday, January 5, 2011. If you cannot make this deadline then please send the regular convention fee amount of $175.

There are some special deals available now on the website. In order to qualify you must submit your PayPal payment or postmark your check within 3 business days of submitting your registration form. Don’t get disqualified from some great deals by procrastinating on sending in the payment.

(Please note: if you submitted your forms prior to December 1 and you have already paid, you will be grandfathered in and are qualified for promotions regardless of the length of time it took you to pay).

What are you waiting for? We want to see YOU at the convention in April, so register today!

Adventure Series

We can’t wait to tell you all about the many adventures the convention-planning committee members have in store for our BookCrossing friends during the 2011 Convention in Washington, D.C. But there’s way too much to share all at once, so we have created an Adventure Series of blog posts. Each Wednesday you will learn more about an activity, location, or other nifty aspect of the convention or location. Subscribe to our blog to get the posts sent directly to your e-mail or just check back here each week. With so many things to see and do in the Washington, D.C., area, how will you Choose Your Own BookCrossing Journey?

See the full list of blog posts in the series on the Adventure Series page.

Discussion Forum Unveiled!

We have a brand new discussion forum:

Once you register yourself there, you can use it to ask questions, discuss your plans, talk about books, and even find a roommate for the convention. We may be adding categories to it as the convention grows, so check back regularly.

Site Updates Galore

We here at BCinDC have been very busy these last few weeks. The biggest change you’ll see, of course, is that convention registration is now open! With that comes a brand new registration FAQ page, plus several additions to the general convention FAQ.

Other new goodies:

Stay tuned for more and we’ll see you in April!

Convention Add-Ons Online

In keeping with the Choose Your Own BookCrossing Journey theme, these add-ons are optional extras to enhance your convention experience. These include convention shirts/sweatshirts, raffle tickets, meal vouchers, early bird activities, convention activity choices (the ones that require reservations), and the hanger-on dinner. Be sure to check the convention schedule to see all the fun things we’re planning and to decide what items and activities you would like.

Check out all the extras and submit your choices on this page: