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See who attended the 2011 BookCrossing Convention!

Last updated: April 21, 2011

(C)- Convention Planning Committee Member
(LL)- Local Liaison
(PM)- Project Manager
(P)- Payment received
(Friday)- Friday Day Pass
(Saturday)- Saturday Day Pass
(Sunday)- Sunday Day Pass

Current Attendees:
4thEstate (P)
6of8 (P)
alrescate (P)
Azuki (P)
authorauthor (PM)(P)
Bascula (P)
bhodi (Saturday)(P)
BooksnBeer (LL)(P)
bookstogive (P)
bronwyna (P)
Bruce-BookCrossing CEO (P)
cinnamon-quill (P)
creativeMGE (P)
crrcookie (C)(P)
Discoverylover (P)
DrQuincy (P)
DrSlump612 (P)
edithdoll (P)
eeyore75 (LL) (P)
elle311 (P)
Emily Tobin Tupa (P)
eponine38 (P)
fathermurphy (P)
florafloraflora (P)
flyingeagles (P)
FutureCat (P)
Genielady (LL) (P)
Gizmopuddy (P)
Golfguy (P)
GoryDetails (P)
Ghanescha (P)
GroverMOWB (P)
grubsneerg (P)
Heather-BookCrossing CFO (P)
Husband (P)
inkognitoh (P)
innae (P)
irishcmc123 (Saturday)(Sunday)(P)
Ixion (P)
Izzy5000 (P)
Jason-BookCrossing Project Manager
JudySlump612 (P)
KateKintail (C)(P)
k-j-h (P)
leamhliom (P)
leith (P)
lilgrovers (P)
LittleWhiteBird (P)
lmn60 (P)
love2cook (P)
lytteltonwitch (P)
Macaufan (P)
MadameUrushiol (Friday)(P)
MartyDit (Friday)(P)
MaryZee (P)
mdm139 (PM)(P) & T-train
meganh (P)
melydia (C)(P)
Miss-Efficiency (P)
MissMarkey (P)
mojosmom (P)
mr_bug (P)
NancyNova (P)
nat4lee (PM)(P)
Nelle (P)
newk (P)
nut (P)
nuteile (P)
Patrick Brosnan (P)
Paulette Haupt Tobin (P)
pritzkit (P)
rahar109 (P)
RCLoriH (P)
ResQgeek (PM)(P)
Ri (P)
Rock-Solid (LL)(P)
Roxy4 (P)
SciFisstrs (P)
Sherlockfan (P)
Skyring (P) & Skyring+1, Skyring+2
solittletime (P)
SpedBug (P)
spfldjohn (P)
stinalyn (P)
stormysweetie (P)
thebiblioholic (P)
thegoaliegirl (P) & thegoaliegirl’s husband
theLorax (P)
tiatia (P)
TITurtle1 (P)
tobysrus (P)
UnwrittenLibra (P)
WhiteRaven (P) & WhiteRaven’s mom
Wyando (P)
wyldanthem (P)
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