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Reverse Scavenger Hunt

The idea behind a reverse scavenger hunt is to leave a book at each of the locations on the list. In honor of it being the 10th anniversary of BookCrossing, there are 10 items on the Reverse Scavenger Hunt this year:

  1. Somewhere “American”
  2. In front of a museum
  3. By cherry blossoms
  4. On a statue
  5. Somewhere funny OR a funny release
  6. Somewhere yellow
  7. In a tree/bush
  8. Within sight of a monument
  9. At an OBCZ other than the Sheraton*
  10. Somewhere that has to do with “ten” or “celebration” or “birthday”

*This one might be changed in the final version, depending upon how many OBCZs we are able to set up in the area.


The form is available here in pdf if you would like to download or print it in advance:

5 Responses to “Reverse Scavenger Hunt”

  • WhiteRaven:

    I’ve never done a reverse scavenger hunt before. Do the books have to be themed, or can any book be released at the specified sites?

  • katekintail:

    You can release any book you like at any place that fits the reverse scavenger hunt clues. The books do not have to be themed, but you get extra points (i.e. win extra Bally Bucks) for themed releases. Reminder: there will be many book buffets at the convention where you might find appropriate release fodder :-)

  • Azuki:

    there is a mention of a list of places that are not okay to release. Where is it?

  • katekintail:

    It will be in the convention program you get. Basically, it will include inside museums, the Ronald Reagan building, at Union Station, at the airports, and a few other places where security is heightened and books will be immediately confiscated and thrown away.

  • Can people do this as a team?

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