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Meetup: Old Post Office Pavilion

BookCrossers met on June 23, 2013 at the Old Post Office Pavilion for the monthly BCinDC meetup. Once we determined how to go around the Barbecue Battle and found the correct door to use to get inside, we swapped books, chatted, and ate at the food court. The Ben & Jerry’s especially seemed to call to us (as did the books). A few bookrings for books by authors at several conventions began as well.

Afterward, we took a trip up the tower to see the bells and the view of the city.

PostOffice03 PostOffice05 PostOffice06

BookCrossers in attendance were: FURBALL, Ixion, KateKintail, krin511, nat4lee, SqueakyChu, 6of8. It was wonderful to meet 6of8’s good friend who happened to be in town and came to say hello.

Book Festival: Gaithersburg

On May 18, 2013, BCinDC had a great showing at the Gaithersburg Book Festival in Maryland. At our table, we gave away at least 1,750 books and–for the first time ever–the last few books on our table were taken home by a festival-goer, leaving the tables empty at the end of the day!


Giathersburg2013-02 Giathersburg2013-22 Giathersburg2013-13 Giathersburg2013-04 Giathersburg2013-09 Giathersburg2013-17 Giathersburg2013-31 Giathersburg2013-37 Giathersburg2013-39

BookCrossers in attendance: crrcookie, FURBALL, Ixion, KateKintail, lilgrovers, melydia, MomOyster, Nat4Lee, ResQGeek, 6of8, and SqueakyChu. Derwoodsman also stopped by to say hello and drop off some books at the table.

After the festival, most of us headed to Zio’s for pizza, a tradition of ours.

Mail from Afar!

BCinDC received some mail today from the BookCrossing Convention last month! Some warm wishes and friendly “faces” in the form of usernames. Check them out (click for larger versions):

PostcardsforBCinDC2 PostcardsforBCinDC1

The most magical thing about these postcards arriving is that one made it to us without postage!

Book Festival: Kensington Day of the Book

BCinDC had a table again this year at the Day of the Book festival in Kensington, MD on April 21, 2013. We brought over 1,200 books and managed to give away roughly 800 of them (the remainders will mostly be heading to the Gaithersburg book festival next month).

Kensington2013-03 Kensington2013-08 Kensington2013-24 Kensington2013-46 Kensington2013-45 Kensington2013-48 Kensington2013-57 Kensington2013-10 Kensington2013-56

Weather was much better this year than last, which both the BookCrossers and the books seemed happy about. We had a few authors give us books, which we’ll circulate among our group members; we even had one author register her book right there onsite.

We also started a new section on the tables this year. We had fiction, non-fiction, teen’s & children’s, and a new “BookCrossers recommend” section. We had fun pulling out books we loved and even had some festival-goers recommend some books!

Kensington2013-28 Kensington2013-39 Kensington2013-40 Kensington2013-37 Kensington2013-34 Kensington2013-32

BookCrossers in attendance: authorauthor, Chip, Ixion, KateKintail, krin511, Mom-Oyster, Nat4Lee, ResQgeek, RubyLadybug, SqueakyChu

Meetup: Dupont Circle

On March 24, 2013, BCinDC had our monthly meetup at Soho Tea & Coffee at Dupont Circle. We discussed books, movies, and more. We also got to see a print of nat4lee’s hand-drawn historical Franconia map. We also restocked the OBCZ shelf at the cafe.

BcinDCMeetup-March2013-02 BcinDCMeetup-March2013-03 BcinDCMeetup-March2013-01

BookCrossers in attendance: authorauthor, FURBALL, Ixion, KateKintail, LN569, nat4lee, and 6of8.