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Meetup: Dupont Circle

On March 24, 2013, BCinDC had our monthly meetup at Soho Tea & Coffee at Dupont Circle. We discussed books, movies, and more. We also got to see a print of nat4lee’s hand-drawn historical Franconia map. We also restocked the OBCZ shelf at the cafe.

BcinDCMeetup-March2013-02 BcinDCMeetup-March2013-03 BcinDCMeetup-March2013-01

BookCrossers in attendance: authorauthor, FURBALL, Ixion, KateKintail, LN569, nat4lee, and 6of8.

Meetup: Crystal City

On February 9, 2013 BCinDC members met at Potbelly Sandwich Works in Crystal City (Arlington, VA). We had some good food and great conversation. We also switched out some books on the shelf we recognized from our last visit there a year ago with some fresh new registered ones. And we hid a book in a drawer that was part of the table at which we were sitting–who knows when it will be found?

PotbellyMeetup-Feb2013-03 PotbellyMeetup-Feb2013-02 PotbellyMeetup-Feb2013-01

BookCrossers in attendance: authorauthor, FURBALL, Ixion, KateKintail, LN569, melydia, nat4lee, ResQgeek, and 6of8.

After the meetup, many of us headed over to the OBCZ at the Sheraton (where the convention was held) and restocked the shelf with books, labels, flyers, and some new business cards with an explanation about BookCrossing and our meetup group URL on them.


Meetup: Rockville, MD

Noodles & CoOn January 26, 2013, BCinDC members met at the Noodles & Company in Rockville, MD to chat and swap books. It was a snowy day but warm inside and plenty of books to enjoy! There was even a visiting bookbox.

BookCrossers in attendance: FURBALL, Ixion, KateKintail, krin511, melydia, nat4lee, and 6of8.

New Release Locations

A new page for BookCrossing-friendly release locations in our area has been added to the website here: http://www.bcindc.zoiks.org/release-locations/. There are now pages that list the new OBCZs and Little Free Libraries. Check the listings out and give the locations a visit!

As always, if you know of any others not on the list, contact us so we can add it!

2012 Holiday Party

BCinDC had our annual holiday party today, December 22. authorauthor hosted the party at her house in Virginia, and there was a buffet of delicious treats as well as a buffet of books. After chatting, we played our wrap-it-up game where we choose wrapped books based entirely on their first lines. There were lots of fun ones this year!

BookCrossers in attendance: authorauthor, Ixion, KateKintail, krin511, melydia, nat4lee, PurplyPup, ResQgeek, and SqueakyChu.