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Adventures at the Book Buffets

This post is part 13 of our Wednesday Adventure Series. Each week we will highlight something different in the Washington, D.C., Metro Area, many of which will be options for part of your own BookCrossing Journey. With so many things to see and do, how will you choose?

REMINDER: There is still time to send us books or other items for the convention!


BCinDC already has hundreds of books collected for the 2011 BookCrossing Convention book buffets. Yes, you read that right: book buffets plural! In fact, we will have 5 different book buffets at the convention.

#1: The Main Book Buffet

There will be a main book buffet where you can leave, browse, and take books. This will be stocked with books of all shapes and sizes that may interest convention attendees. This book buffet will be in a publicly accessible area 24 hours a day during the convention and can be used by all convention attendees as well as other hotel guests, visitors and staff.

#2: BookCrossers Only – Please Don’t Wild Release Immediately

For books that you want someone to enjoy before it launches into the wild. Leave a book on this table if you want a BookCrosser to enjoy it before it continues its travels. Looking for a good read? This will be a great buffet to search for books especially recommended by other BookCrossers.

#3: Local Interest and Themed Releases

Look on this table for books that have to do with the Washington, D.C., Metro area and books that will be suitable for a themed release in the area. Hint: This may be a good place to look for books needed to complete the reverse scavenger hunt.

#4: Wrap-It-Up

This is a fun game BCinDC likes to play at local meetups. Before you leave a book here, write the first sentence of the book on a scrap of paper, with no other information about the book or its author. Then gift-wrap the book and tape the first sentence to the outside. When you browse through the books on this buffet, all you’ll be able to see of each book is its first sentence. When you read a first line that really grabs your attention, select the book and unwrap it. (Because it is inadvisable to travel on public transportation with wrapped packages, we will provide materials so you can wrap your books after you arrive.)

#5: Conventions Past and Future

Here you will find books about or set in all the locations of BookCrossing Conventions and UnConventions, including Dublin in 2012 and the locations that are bidding for 2013! For a full list of locations, please see the excellent list put together by the Boston 2010 UnConvention Team.

Release Notes

We suggest you use the following when wild releasing books to any of the convention book buffets:
Country: USA
State / Province: Virginia
City: Mail or by hand-rings, RABCK, meetings, etc.
Crossing Zone: 2011 BookCrossing Convention

Sending Us Books

If you cannot attend the convention, maybe you would like your books to join in on the fun. Or maybe you’ll be attending but can’t afford to bring all your books with you in your suitcase. You can send books to us for the book buffets:
BCinDC c/o Kate McDevitt
P.O. Box 343
Fairfax Station, VA 22039

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