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Run-off Vote for k-j-h’s Hair Color!

We’re pleased to announce that DiscoveryLover will dye her hair blue for the 2011 Convention! Will she have hair that’s more than one color, though? Donate to make sure we get to 80% and two colors!

Next up is k-j-h’s run-off. Blue is currently in the lead color but for how long?

Voting to decide k-j-h’s hair color ends: Sunday, March 20 at 11:59PM EDT.

Hint: That’s also the deadline for registering at the regular rate and for submitting add-ons!
Purchasing registrations, raffle/prize tickets, and t-shirts also makes the convention funds meter % go up!

So NOW is the time to convince your friends to register for the convention. And you can also donate here:
Whatever hair color is in the lead at the end of the day on Sunday will be his hair color. Then we’ll start a run-off vote to decide crrcookie’s hair. Keep in mind that if we hit the 80% and 100% marks, we’ll be dyeing our hair two or three colors. In that case, this would just be the first color.

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