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How to Help the Convention

You may have noticed a brand new meter on the left-hand side of the BCinDC webpage, showing the percentage of funds we have for the 2011 Convention. The goal amount is how much we need to raise (in registrations, extras, and donations) in order to “break even” and meet our financial obligation to the venue. As you can see, we’re in quite a lot of debt.

There are many things you can do to help us right now. And very soon we’ll be posting more information and benefits.
1. Register for the convention & bring a friend (or two)! – registering is one of the best ways you can support and enjoy the convention
2. Enter the raffle for an amazing Bally Blanket! – ANYONE can purchase raffle tickets now (not just conference attendees) and this one-of-a-kind blanket will be shipped to the winner
3. Purchase official 2011 Convention merchandise or tickets! – we have a wide selection of great things you can purchase
4. Become a Convention sponsor! – We’re calling our individual sponsors Bookworms. Bookworms will earn some special goodies (to be revealed soon) and be listed (if desired) on the convention sponsors thank you page.

Check out the How to Help page for full details.

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