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Meetup: BCinDC Holiday Party

BCinDC held its annual holiday party at authorauthor’s house in Alexandria, VA on December 5. More delicious food than anyone could eat was on hand, lively conversation was had, and our traditional game was played. We had a box literally overflowing with books we had all brought that were wrapped and had the first lines taped to the front. Mdm139 read out the lines and the first person to speak up got to open that book. We had a book buffet as well, so any opened books that had already been read or didn’t interest the opener ended up there. As always it was lots of fun. The word “mistakes” kept popping up in first lines and sometimes we thought we knew what book it was, only to find out it was something completely different. The Shadow of the Wind‘s first line about the Cemetery of Forgotten Books made one of our members immediately think of the Book Thing!

BookCrossers in attendance were: authorauthor, FURBALL, Ixion, KateKintail,mdm139, nat4lee, ResQgeek, Rock-Solid, SqueakyChu, T-Train, and tiatia.

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